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Tune-Up Packages


FREE Service Consultation

Not sure what your bike needs?  Bring it in and an experienced mechanic will go over the bike with you as you explain any issues and we will explain what causes them and recommend services to correct any issues and get you ready to ride.

Basic Tune-Up $75.00 (Single Speed $55)

Our Basic Tune-up is a seasonal necessity to keep your bike in top shape, operating how it should.  Additional fees may apply is components need replaced.


  • Brake adjustment.
  • Shifter and derailleur adjustment.
  • Lube cable and housing for brakes and derailleurs.
  • On-bike chain cleaning and lubrication.
  • On-bike wheel truing.
  • Inspection and adjustment of bearing systems.
  • Check nuts, bolts, and accessories.

Intensive Tune-Up $165.00 (Single Speed $110)

Our Intensive Tune-up is a recommended for bikes that get a lot of use, bikes that have been sitting for an extended period of time, and mid and high end bikes with precision components.

Includes Basic Tune-Up, Plus:

  • Off-bike drivetrain cleaning and lubrication.
  • Off-bike wheel truing and tension check.
  • Wipe down frame, fork, and wheels
  • Bearing cleaning and re-greasing.
  • Derailleur hanger check and adjustment

Overhaul Tune-Up $215.00 (Single Speed $145)

Our Overhaul Tune-up is the top choice for high end bikes that see abuse from hard riding  and bikes with numerous trouble areas.

Includes Intensive Tune-Up, Plus:

  • Complete tear down and rebuild.
  • Frame alignment checked.
  • Wash, polish, and inspect frame, fork, and rims.
  • Installation of new components, cables, grips, and bar tape.

other services


Tube Replacement: $10

Safety Check: $10

Basic Wheel Truing: $20

Extensive Wheel Truing: $30

Wheel Build: $65

Hub Adjustment: $15

Bottom Bracket Replacement: $30

Headset Replacement: $25

Bar Tape Replacement: $20

Grip Replacement: $10

Pedal Replacement: $10

Single Brake or Shifter Adjustment: $15

Tubeless Sealant Refill: $15

Tubeless Installation: $35

Post-Crash Inspection w/ Write Up: $35

Bike Assembly (New): $60

Bike Assembly (Travel/Shipping): $75

Fees and Discounts


Muddy Bike Fee: $15

Storage Fee Over 7 Days After Service Completion: $5/Day