Where does the name "banker" come from?

Our  first location in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh was housed in a building that was originally the Banker Brother Auto Supply, started by brothers George and Arthur Banker with the money George won in Europe as a professional track cyclist and 1898 World Champion. In homage to this past, we named our company Banker Supply.

Why Pittsburgh?

The concept for Banker Supply largely stemmed from frustrations our found, Nick, was having with retailers while running his other company, Fiks: Reflective, which was based in Pittsburgh.  We found Pittsburgh to be a great place to test our model of specialty bicycle retail because it's a city that is filled with cyclists of all types.

Why Los Angeles?

When we started exploring different cities to open the second Banker Supply store we found that not only is LA one of the fastest growing bike cities in the country, but it is also the most diverse.  We came to LA to continue to fulfill our mission of making cycling less intimidating and more inclusive and found LA to be the perfect place for us.

Do you Ship Internationally?

Yes!  We ship all over the world and do our best to keep international shipping rates as low as possible.  At this time there are a few limitations on what we ship internationally, but most of our product catalog is available to most of the world.  

Do you have a location in chicago?

We originally had plans to open a concept location in Chicago in December 2016 but due to last minute changes to our agreement by the landlord we pulled out of the partnership and are currently looking for a new location.  We still plan on opening a location in Chicago but at this time we do not have a known timeline.